Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

The National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN) is established in 1995 as a national-level umbrella organisation of deaf citizens in the country. NDFN works to promote the rights of people with hearing impairment including Deaf, Deafblind, and others with complex disabilities.  Currently, NDFN is implementing the project “Strengthening Inclusive Education Systems and Services in Nepal ” in partnership with Sense International is being implemented in Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Kalika Municipality of Chitwan district covering the period 1st of Jan 2020 to 31st December 2024.  NDFN announces the call for the Expression of Interest (EOI) from the external consultant/company to develop a Training manual on Curriculum Adaptation for children with complex disabilities including deafblindness.

The TOR could be downloaded from the website or will be shared via email upon request.

Eligible and Interested individuals are invited to submit expressions of interest to the following address:

Sanu Khimbaja

            Project Manager

            National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN)


            email: sanu@deafnepal.org.np

Deadline for the application submission: 5 pm, 16 March 2023.

NDFN reserves the right to select or not to select any of the applications. NDFN keeps safeguarding as a top priority so, any data or information collected during the task shall be kept confidential and shall not be disseminated without NDFN's prior consent. The application can be made for both above mention works or any of them.






  1. BSubmission of Expression of Interest
  • Expression of Interest may be submitted by a company or person having at least 3 years of experience in developing guidelines, training manuals, disability and development work, and other relative documents,
  • Interested consultants must provide information with their personal Bio data indicating their qualification to perform the services.
  • This expression of interest is open to all eligible Consulting firms and individual consultants.
  • Individual consultant shall provide at least three details of similar assignment experience, and their location in the previous 3 years.
  • NDFN will select the consultant based on their experience and the amount proposed for the task.
  • Expression of Interest should include the following information:
(i)A covering letter addressed to the NDFN on the official letterhead of the company or individual consultant duly signed by an authorized signatory.
(ii)Applicants shall provide the following information in the respective formats given in the EOI document:

Letter of Application including the plan of action, expected services, and availability within the expected time and duration to carry out the task.  We expect to complete the task by end of March 2023.

Applicant’s Information Details

Work Experience Details with a special focus on developing guidelines, training manual development (at least of last 3 years)

ToR of the consultant:

Background of the project:

Deafblindness and complex disability is a relatively new issue in the field of disability in Nepal. There are very few organizations working in this field. The education of children with deafblindness and complex (those with higher severity) in Nepal is in the beginning stage and their educational rights are yet to be realized. To promote the education of children with deafblindness and complex disabilities, the National Federation of Deaf Nepal (NDFN) is working in partnership with Sense International under the inclusive education project to ensure children with deafblindness have access to education in the school system.


The overall outcome of the project is to provide quality and inclusive education to children with deafblindness and complex disabilities by making the school accessible, training teachers, improving the overall environment of the school, and developing Deafblind child friendly Teaching learning materials.

Teachers training on Universal design learning and curriculum adaption is key to ensuring children are treated with dignity and have access to the classroom. Lack of trained teachers is one of the major reasons behind children with complex disabilities including deafblindness being out of school. It is important that teachers be trained on how to adapt the curriculum to ensure children with diverse needs could follow the curricula and have the same level of educational outcomes as other children.

Job description/task:

We are seeking a consultant to develop a teachers training manual on curriculum adaptation to make sure teachers have access to training and have a better understanding of the curricula needs of the children linked with Teaching learning materials and educational needs of the child.

Key Responsibilities of Consultant:

  •    Consult the key stakeholders (OPDs) and get their feedback on the curricula adaptation needs.
  •  Consult with the project team and sense India expert team who are conducting the training of curriculum adaptation.
  • Develop a training manual on curriculum adaptation in Nepali.
  •  Suggest key policy intervention and working modality to link curriculum adaption in the overall curriculum development process of government.
  •  Provide the list of key work to be done for the successful curriculum adaptation work for children with complex disabilities in the country.

Duration of the Agreement:

The consultant shall commence the work from the date of signing the agreement and
complete only after the approval of the final report by NDFN. The period for application development shall be as per:

  •    Meeting with the working team to get the documents and concept on 19th March 2023
  •  Develop draft and consultation with stakeholders (including OPDs) by 23 March 2023.
  •    Meeting with stakeholders and collecting feedback (NDFN field and project team) 26th March 2023
  •   Submission of the final report with guideline: 30 in March 2023.

However, in the event of a dispute or other proceedings during and or after the completion of the consultancy, the consultant shall be available to assist NDFN, under the same conditions of engagement as applicable to this agreement.

Data and Assistance to be provided by the NDFN

The following shall be provided to the consultant by NDFN:

  • Concept of curriculum adaptation work from previous training.
  • Managing meetings with the stakeholders including OPDs.


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