Discussion with Sunita Dangol, deputy head of the Kathmandu Municipality for the education of hearing impaired children.

Discussion with Sunita Dangol Jyu, deputy head of Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality for access to education for hearing impaired children.

The 2068 census has shown that there are about 10,000 hearing-impaired people in Nepal. According to the World Federation of the Deaf, about 0.2 percent of the total population is hearing impaired. People with hearing impairments are at a disadvantage in society due to communication barriers. In addition, children with congenital hearing impairment are deprived of their basic human rights. They have not been able to access services such as education and health. This community, which belongs to the category of completely disabled, is forced to stay within the four walls of the house most of the time.

The Act on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2074 defines a hearing-impaired person as "a person who has both hearing and vision disabilities or a combination of two sensory disabilities".


For children with congenital hearing impairment, their parents' organization Deaf and Blind Parents Society is working. Under the leadership of the National Federation of the Deaf, with the help of Sense International, the society has been operating a day care center in Kathmandu for the past 4 years. At present, 33 children are receiving services at the day care center. For a long time, parents' association has been taking initiatives to enroll those children in public schools. But till now, none of the schools in Kathmandu have agreed to take admission. After discussions with the Education and Human Resource Development Center at various stages, a budget has been allocated for the operation of the resource class from this financial year, but until now, the resource class has not been utilized as no school has enrolled children. A discussion has been held with Sunita Dangol, deputy head of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, in the Metropolitan Municipality to discuss this issue. In the said discussion, Deputy Chief Dangol said that the local government should look at such a serious issue with seriousness and the metropolis will take initiative to ensure the right of children to get education as soon as possible. In the discussion, the president of the parent society Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa informed the deputy chief Dangel about the problems faced by parents and children. viber_image_2023-01-04_16-01-16-392viber_image_2023-01-04_16-01-15-756

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