Our introduction

The National Federation of the Deaf Nepal has been working since 1996 to lead the campaign for the rights of deaf people in Nepal. For us, education, health and employment of deaf people are the priority.

The National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN) was established in 2052 BS as an umbrella organization for the rights and development of the deaf. Formed on the initiative of eight local deaf associations, the federation currently has 53 local deaf associations. People with hearing impairments are called deaf. Deaf communities are a linguistic minority communicating in sign language. They rely entirely on visual communication of signals developed on the basis of local language and culture for access to communication.

The Federation of the Deaf has been advocating for the recognition, development and dissemination of Nepali Sign Language as the first language of the deaf person as well as the formation of local deaf associations and their capacity building, leadership and awareness, interpreter service to the deaf. Advocacy for rights, social equality and discrimination-free deaf community. But deaf people still do not have access to communication, education, health, skills training, and employment.

Since its inception, the federation has been cooperating with various partners on the rights and development of the deaf. For the first time, the federation has prepared its strategic plan 2018-2022. The development of this strategic plan over the long course of deaf development provides an opportunity to remember the FNJ's history, development and activities and to measure what and how we have gone and what new strategies we should adopt for the future as well as help partner organizations identify FNJ and deaf people needs and support issues. Made After the 2072 earthquake, the federation worked on natural disaster awareness and protection, among other things, including strategic objectives about natural disasters. The FNJ has raised the issue of access to information and communication for deaf people with priority in the Corona epidemic which started at the end of 2076 BS and the deaf community has also benefited from the realization of the right to information.

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