Values and beliefs

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Equality and social inclusion

The FNJ has been raising the issue of equality of the deaf community, mainstreaming of disability and inclusion of the FNJ.

Gender equality

FNJ is committed to equal gender participation and representation in FNJ programs and structures.

Uniformity of Nepali Sign Language

FNJ will pay attention to the uniformity of sign language used in Nepal by collecting and approving signals from deaf associations and deaf schools across the country.


In order to conduct its activities effectively, the federation works in a fair, independent and autonomous manner without any discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed, social status etc. In addition, FNJ maintains impartiality in the planning, implementation, monitoring and decision making process.

Honesty and transparency

FNJ ensures transparency and the right to information on institutional policies, decisions, activities and financial transactions.

Respect for diversity

FNJ respects and treats all types of castes, tribes, genders, levels, religions and communities equally.

Focus on the target group

FNJ As the umbrella organization of the general Nepali deaf citizens, the federation works for the rights, development, equal treatment, counseling, participation, identity and capacity building of all deaf citizens.

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