Existing questions and activities of the deaf community

There are many types of deaf communities in Nepal.

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Development of Nepali Sign Language 

Collecting and painting new signs of Nepali Sign Language, publishing with the approval of National Conference

  • To publish various materials, dictionaries, etc. of Nepali Sign Language
  • To develop mobile applications in Nepali sign language
  • To conduct Nepali Sign Language classes

Advocacy at the policy level on deaf rights

  • Establishment of Nepali Sign Language Research and Development Center, Establishment of Interpreter Training Center, Professional Interpreter Training and Certification, Interpreter Service to Deaf Citizens, Civil and Political Rights, Epidemic and Natural Disaster Information, Deaf Community Access to Safety and Services, Deaf Community Access to Employment, Deaf Friendly Education, Educational Materials and Teaching Methods, Deaf Friendly Information. Advocacy for the establishment of deaf-friendly communication technology, driver's license, sign language news, program and information content creation and broadcasting, access to resources, etc.
  • Representation at local, state, central level bodies, various organizations and national and international level

Quality education

  • Deaf Friendly Teaching Learning Material Development
  • Signal video teaching method
  • Teacher training

Development of deaf network and capacity development

  • Formation of Deaf Associations
  • State committee formed
  • Leadership of the Committees under the Federation, Provincial Committees and District Deaf Associations and Institutional Capacity Development and Resource Access Training and Coordination
  • Parent Awareness Program

Hearing loss

  • Advocacy and cooperation for the recognition and rights of the hearing impaired
  • Identity of the deaf, data collection, capacity building, education, right to health
  • Development of alternative means and methods of touch sign language, haptic signal and communication.
  • To form deaf and dumb associations, federations of associations and to mobilize for the identification, rights and development of deaf and dumb

Access to political rights

  • To conduct advocacy, public awareness programs and training for the deaf community on political rights and elections.
  • To make deaf friendly election training guide, resource booklet
  • To make posters and video materials related to deaf friendly election information
  • To provide election information to the deaf community and help them to participate in the election

Information and services during natural disasters and epidemics

  • Advocates and co-operates for proper information on natural disasters and epidemics, awareness measures, creation and dissemination of deaf friendly information, distribution of interpreters, services and relief materials to deaf community.
  • To create natural disaster and epidemic awareness materials in sign language, to reach the deaf community through social media, to distribute relief, to provide interpreter services.

Access to government services

  • Advocacy for the deaf community to make the information and service delivery system accessible to all services including disability identity card education, social security, education, health, communication, etc.
  • To provide free legal services
  • Getting an interpreter service
  • Access to resources available from local to central
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