Questionable strategic results

The National Federation of the Deaf Nepal is working on various issues by preparing a plan.

two people drawing on whiteboard
Deaf Federation Planning Meeting

Education and Sports:

To increase the access of deaf community to quality education through deaf friendly environment.


To increase the employment opportunities of the deaf community by creating a deaf-friendly environment and developing its capacity.

 Nepali Sign Language and Communication:

To increase the access of deaf community to the development of Nepali Sign Language, professional interpreters, certification, availability of interpreter services and access to modern telecommunication technologies.


To increase public awareness, information and access to services about health care and services in the deaf community.

Network Building and Institutional Development:

To increase the network, identity and institutional capacity of District Deaf Association and Federation. To form a federation of deaf and dumb associations and to mobilize for the identification, rights and development of the deaf.

Civil and political rights:

To increase the understanding, participation and access of the deaf community in social, civil and political rights and structures.

Disaster Management:

To increase public awareness and access to the deaf community about natural disaster protection measures and rescue.


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