Vision, goal and purpose

Our goal is deaf rights.

Look in sign language


Strong deaf network, identity and self-respecting deaf community


To empower the deaf community by advocacy, network expansion and capacity building


  • 1) To provide collection, development, expansion and training of Nepali Sign Language, the first language of the Nepali deaf community. To recognize Nepali sign language as the first language of the deaf.
  • 2) To advocate at the policy level for the establishment of the rights of deaf citizens. To advocate for the guarantee of the rights of deaf citizens as guaranteed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • 3) To form local deaf associations in 77 districts of the country and to develop the capacity of local deaf associations.
  • 4) To advocate for the right of deaf students to get education in a deaf friendly environment. To take initiative for deaf friendly teaching method, environment and curriculum.
  • 5) Struggle to ensure the right of deaf people to get employment based skills, training etc.
  • 6) To develop the right of every deaf person to have the facility of sign language interpreter and to develop an interpreter.
  • 7) To establish deaf culture and social, economic and cultural rights of deaf people.
  • 8) To develop the notion of equality by removing degrading and discriminatory social attitudes towards deaf citizens.
  • 9) To develop the identity and capacity of hearing impaired people.
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