How to register birth?

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Birth registration:
Birth Registration Article 39 of the Constitution of Nepal guarantees birth registration as a constitutional right. Birth certificate is a basic document of legal identity. Birth control plays an important role in achieving citizenship and other rights. Birth registration should be done at your ward office within 35 days of birth.
Required documents
Birth notice The head of the family or the eldest of the aged men in his absence should give the information as per schedule 2.
- Copy of citizenship certificate of the child's father and mother should be submitted.
- Must be within the municipality.

Based on the recommendation of the concerned ward member and in case of vacancy in the post of the head or deputy head of the concerned municipality and village and in case of vacancy of the post of the head or deputy head of the concerned ward secretary. Executive officer in case of municipality without executive officer and ward secretary.
Is it permissible to register a birth in the name of the mother of a child without the father's address?
OK. In order to give birth to a child without the address of the father, the birth form can be registered by indicating the address of the father in the information form in the information form.

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