How to make a death certificate?

Mortality information is included in this material.

Within 35 days of the person's death
- Notice of death should be given by the head of the family or the eldest person in his / her absence as per schedule 3.
- Citizenship certificate of the deceased will have to be submitted.
- Citizenship of the deceased or a copy of the citizenship certificate of the spouse or son should be submitted.
Even a married daughter in the absence of a person responsible for reporting the death of a parent,
If it is proved that there is no one on the side of the descendant in relation to the death of the married sister, then the brother on the side of the mother,
In case of absence of father, mother and descendants, on the recommendation of the concerned ward member, in case of vacancy in the post of head or deputy head of the municipality and village and in case of vacancy, executive officer on the recommendation of the concerned ward secretary.

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