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Information on offices and procedures for accessing services for persons with disabilities and hearing impairments

This material covers services and facilities for persons with disabilities related to hearing and hearing and the office and procedures for receiving services.

Citizen's Charter is kept in every government office to inform the service recipients about the facilities provided by the office and to maintain good governance by bringing transparency in the work of the office. The Citizen's Charter provides information on services provided by government offices and public bodies. Similarly, the service provided by the concerned office and its nature, the procedure to be followed by the service recipient to get the service, time to provide the service, details of the service provider and his / her work room, fee to be received for service and other amount if required If so, the place of complaint is mentioned in the Citizen's Charter. Citizen's charter is also called citizen's charter. It helps the citizens to get services from public bodies easily and effectively.
Therefore, the civic charter of that office is very helpful for us to get accurate information about the services provided by each office and the civic charter should be studied carefully.

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