Passport information is included in this material.

- Properly filled application form 2 copies
- Original copy of Nepali citizenship certificate and 1 copy of the same
- 3 copies of MRP photo recently taken
- Original copy and copy of the passport if taken earlier
- Passport fee Rs. Receipt of Rs. 5,000 paid and Rs. 2,500 (Double charge if passport is lost / torn or damaged in any way.)
- Applicant should be present in person.

In the case of a minor
- In the case of a minor, the identity card of the minor issued by the District Administration Office and the citizenship certificate of one of the parents and a copy thereof.
- Certificate of citizenship of the custodian and a copy of the original copy of the written statement stating that the guardian has been appointed.

Quick service passport recommendation
- Rs. The applicant has to be present along with the application by affixing a ticket of Rs
- All documents except the above mentioned revenue receipt (fee) paid
- Online Form 2 copies
- Bring the original of the submitted documents
- Express service will have to go to the passport department for 1,2,3 days.

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