Services available on the basis of disability identity card

Information on the services and facilities available on the basis of disability identity card is found in this material.

Detailed services for deaf persons with disabilities on the basis of disability identity card are available from the government bodies as per details.
Social Security Allowance
According to the current system, a deaf person receives Rs. 1,600 from the local village or municipal ward office. For this you have to contact the local ward office and submit the details according to your identity card.

Discount on transportation
In all private and government airlines in the country, there is a provision of 50 percent discount on the fare for one person with disability per flight.
There is a 50 percent discount on fares for persons with disabilities in public road transport.
Free education
By law, people with disabilities have access to free higher education.
Facilitation process:
Apply to the campus administration of Tribhuvan University for free study along with a copy of the disability identity card you have received in the affiliated campuses or if the campus administration has prescribed the format or procedure for the application.
According to the law, every government or community school in the country has to provide free education to the children with disabilities.
To apply for free education in the school where you want to study along with a copy of disability identity card.
Educational Scholarship
There is an arrangement to provide scholarship for the purchase of dormitory facilities, school uniforms and educational materials for the children with disabilities from class 1 to 10.
The process of getting the facility
Students with disabilities will receive the scholarship from the school where they are studying. For this, students will be able to apply for the scholarship at the school along with their disability identity card.
Each school administration should seek evacuation from the concerned local body based on the number of students with disabilities in their school and provide scholarships to the students.
The budget of the scholarship will be provided by the Department of Education as per the demand of the local Municipal Education Office.
Additional time will be provided for the examination
There is a provision to extend the time up to a maximum of one hour and thirty minutes for students with disabilities who are generally unable to appear for the examination within the stipulated time due to disability due to work disability.
Discount on health care
There is provision for free health check-ups and treatment for persons with disabilities in government health centers or hospitals. Based on the identity card, 72 different types of medicines and treatment of some complex diseases are provided free of cost. For this you should contact the social security unit.
Hospital beds will be reserved
There is a provision to secure a certain number of beds for persons with disabilities in government hospitals (maximum two beds for treatment of persons with disabilities in hospitals with more than fifty beds). The person availing the facility can avail this facility by showing his / her disability identity card.
Facilitation of employment and income generation
There is a provision of 5 percent reservation in the civil service for persons with disabilities.
Income tax exemption
The Government of Nepal has increased the range of annual income taxable income for persons with disabilities by 50 percent compared to other persons. That is Rs. In case of non-imposition of income tax up to Rs. 200,000, Rs. Annual income up to Rs 300,000 is not subject to income tax.

Free legal services
Free legal services can be obtained from the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Judicial Committee headed by the Deputy Chief of Local Government.

Tax exemption on business

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