Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) to develop 2D/3D animated video

 1. Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

 The National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN) was established in 1995 as a national-level umbrella organization of deaf citizens in the country. NDFN works to promote the rights of people with hearing impairment including Deaf, Deafblind, and others with complex disabilities. Currently, NDFN is implementing the project “Strengthening Inclusive Education Systems and Services in Nepal” in partnership with Sense International is being implemented in Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Kalika Municipality of Chitwan. NDFN announces the call for the Expression of Interest (EOI) from the external consultant/company to develop an awareness video about Violence.

The TOR could be downloaded from the website or will be shared via email upon request.

Eligible and interested companies are invited to submit expressions of interest to the following address:

Sanu Khimbaja

          Project Manager

          National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN)

          Kathmandu, Nepal

          Email: vacancy@deafnepal.org.np

Application Submission and Selection:

NDFN reserves the right to select or not to select any of the applications. NDFN keeps safeguarding as a top priority so, any data or information collected during the task shall be kept confidential and shall not be disseminated without NDFN's prior consent.

  1. B. Submission of Expression of Interest
  • Expressions of Interest may be submitted by a company or individual with at least 3 years of experience in developing animated videos in both 3D and 2D media.
  • Interested consultants must provide information along with their personal biodata, indicating their qualifications to perform the services.
  • This expression of interest is open to all eligible consulting firms.
  • Individual consultants must provide details of at least 3 similar assignments they have completed in the past 3 years, including their locations.
  • NDFN will select the consultant based on their experience and the amount proposed for the task.
  • Deadline for submission of EOI: 21st June 2024
  • Videos must be accessible, including features such as sign language, captions, and audio descriptions.

Expression of Interest should include the following information:

(i)A covering letter addressed to the NDFN on the official letterhead of the company or individual consultant, duly signed by the authorized signatory.
(ii)· Letter of Application, including the plan of action, expected services, and availability within the expected time and duration to carry out the task. We expect to complete the task by 15th July 2024.

· Applicant's Information Details.

· Work Experience Details with a special focus on audio-video development, 2D/3D video animation, and public service announcement development (at least from the last 3 years).

(iii)Cost of 2D and 3D audio-video material of 4 to 5 min (separately)
  1. ToR of the consultant:

Background of the project:

Deafblindness and complex disability is a relatively new issue in the field of disability in Nepal. There are very few organizations working in this field. The education of children with deafblindness and complex (those with higher severity) in Nepal is in the beginning stage and their educational rights are yet to be realized. To promote the education of children with deafblindness and complex disabilities, the National Federation of Deaf Nepal (NDFN) is working in partnership with Sense International under the Disability and Inclusive Development program in Bharatpur Metropolitan and Kalika Municipality of Nepal.


The overall outcome of the project is to provide quality and inclusive education to children with deafblindness and complex disabilities by setting home-based education, strengthening the school with resource classes, and training teachers to provide education in an inclusive setting. Awareness is one of the major areas of intervention to raise awareness and ensure that children have access to school and education. Two resource classes have been established and NDFN is starting home-based education in Chitwan (Bharatpur and Kalika Municipality). NDFN currently working to be aware of risk and violence to parents, children, staff and other stakeholders.


Job description/task:

We are seeking a consultant to develop video materials to aware parents, staff, children and other stakeholders about violence and its reporting as children with disabilities are more vulnerable and at risk under the project titled "Strengthening the Inclusive Systems and services in Nepal." supported by Sense International (Funded by FCDO). The consultant shall manage to get video format with sign language and captioning.


Key Responsibilities of Consultant:

  • As a consultant, will have to develop 2D/3D audio-video materials of 4 to 5 min based on the content provided by NDFN.
  • Prepare a character as per the script.
  • Approved the materials from the NDFN team.
  • Consult the working team of NDFN to make amendments to the audio-video materials as if necessary.
  • provide the materials in an accessible format in 2/3-D animation full HD quality.
  • Handover final product to the NDFN working team
  • Provide support on any technical issue until the end of the project.
  • Video must be Accessible ie covering area of Sign language, Caption and audio.

Duration of the Agreement:

The consultant shall commence the work from the date of signing the agreement and
complete only after the approval of the final report by NDFN. The period for video development shall be as per:

  • Meeting with the working team to get the documents and concept immediately after the agreement
  • Submission of concept and cinematics by 5th July 2024.
  • Meeting with stakeholders and collecting feedback 7th July 2024
  • Submission of the final video to NDFN: 25th July 2024.

However, in the event of a dispute or other proceedings during and or after the completion of the consultancy, the consultant shall be available to assist NDFN, under the same conditions of engagement as applicable to this agreement.

Data and Assistance to be provided by the NDFN

The following shall be provided to the consultant by NDFN:

  • The concept for the audio-video
  • Feedback on the concept and video.

It should be noted that the consultant will need to provide all the technical support related to the document. The consultant will also be responsible for providing all other necessary facilities and logistical support for themselves, including accommodation, vehicle, transportation, office equipment, communications, utilities, office supplies, and other miscellaneous requirements during the meeting in Kathmandu.

Data Protection:

All the data generated by the consultant will be the property of NDFN. The consultant will have no rights and shall not use the data of the application without taking prior consent from NDFN.


  • The National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN) will release the consultancy fee amount as proposed including all applicable taxes as per the Nepal Government rule.
  • NDFN will release 50% of the amount as a first payment at the start of the agreement. The remaining amount will be released after the submission of the final report and product.

Termination of Contract:

The contract will be terminated automatically after the completion of the contract date. Anything not mentioned in ToR will be resolved by mutual discussion and consensus.

© Copyright - National Federation of the Deaf Nepal
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