How to get citizenship?

Citizenship is covered in this article.

The right to legal identity is guaranteed by Article 10 of the Constitution of Nepal as a fundamental right. Legal identification documents confirm the state's recognition of an individual's existence. Citizenship certificate is considered as the most important formal legal document in Nepal, as it is often required to obtain other identity documents. This is a document that officially points out that a person is a citizen of Nepal.
When, where and why to get citizenship
After completing 16 years of age
District Administration Office Batra on the recommendation of Ward Office
Required documents
Ward office recommendation,
Original citizenship of mother or father,
2 copies of passport size photo
Why necessary
Only after acquiring citizenship does a person become a citizen of the country and people without a certificate of citizenship are deprived of access to marriage, birth or voter registration, buying and selling land, taking professional exams, opening bank accounts and accessing loans.
Citizenship copy
- Recommendation from local level related to schedule form and 3 copies of photo
- Citizenship Certificate Number and Proof of Issue Issued and a copy of the same.

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