Strengthened deaf Network: dignified deaf community with self-identity and rights


To empower the deaf community through advocacy, network development, and capacity building.


  1. To work for the collection of new signs, development, and training of Nepali Sign Language (NSL) and for the recognition of NSL as the first language of the deaf people.
  2. Advocacy for the legal provisions of the deaf people at policy level. Advocacy for the implementation of UNCRPD ensuring the rights of deaf people.
  3. Formation of local deaf associations in 75 districts and their capacity building.
  4. Advocacy for the deaf-friendly teaching-learning methodologies, environment, and curriculum ensuring the quality education of the deaf children.
  5. Work for the income generation training, and employment of the deaf people.
  6. Work for the rights of deaf people of having an interpreter and development of the interpreters.
  7. Develop Deaf Culture and ensure the social, economic and cultural rights of deaf people.
  8. To remove the discriminative attitude of the society towards deaf and work for equality.