National Federation of the Deaf Nepal is an umbrella  organisation of, by and for the Deaf People in Nepal. NDFN was Establsihed in 1995 by the joint effort and collaboration of the 8 local deaf association and formally registered as non governmental organisation in District Administration Office, Kathmandu and Social Welfare Council. NDFN is affilated with World Federation of the Deaf and World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat Asia . So far 42 district deaf assocation are affiliated with NDFN.
"The purpose of formation of NDFN was to strengthen the deaf rights movement in Nepal by advocating deaf frieldly law and policies and collaborating with possible stakeholders, raising awareness, developing and dessiminating Nepali Sign Language, formation, capacity building of local deaf associations, interpreter service, communication, employment and many more. Access to information, quality education for deaf child in their prefered language, removing barrier in Communication, job and employment opportunities and others. are core issues and activities of NDFN. "