Sahara Care Aspatal is a nongovernmental organization established to provide quality health care services with specialized Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in Nepal. It also intends to provide academic opportunities in the field of physiotherapy acting as a teaching and training centre along with proving research opportunity in the field of physiotherapy

This hospital is the continuation of the concept of Sahara Care Home which was the first organizational establishment (2006) in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Nepal. The concept maker of Sahara Care Home, the former chairman of Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC), Dr. Hari Lamsal, is still heading this hospital (Sahara Care Aspatal) successfully.

Brief history of the company

Sahara Care Aspatal P. Ltd is currently located at Maharajganj, Kathmandu (behind Kanti Children Hospital) in the same premises where Sahara Care Home was established in 2006. This aspatal is a general hospital but due to the increasing demand of physiotherapy and rehabilitation  services at sahara the board of directors decided to provide more facilities and services focusing on physiotherapy and now we are not only the pioneer, a leading institution in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in our country too

Physiotherapy has been in demand and will continue to be in demand for the reasons that with the increase in awareness to the benefits of physiotherapy change of lifestyle to urban ways, recognition of physiotherapy as an essential part of the recovery phase for different health conditions and physical fitness.

Sahara Care Aspatal brings together services of highly qualified and experienced professionals and competent as well as dedicated and qualified young hands to implement as institutional health service provider.  The center further believes that quality health service is possible even from the private sector, so we believe the spirit of achievement drives us towards success.