History : with time line (NSL, Deaf community and Deaf education)
1965 First Deaf School established in Nepal      First School for the Deaf was established as "Bahira Balak ko School-Kathmandu" in Naxal, Kathmandu. Along with 4 deaf schools were established in Surkhet, Bhairahawa, Saptari and Dharan with the same name. The school in Kathmandu later changed its name to Central Deaf School and now runnnig classes upto the Bachelor level.  
1980 First Deaf Assoication established in Nepal    Kathmandu Association of the Deaf is the first deaf association formally established in Nepal. The association was formally registered in District Administrative office in 1990. 
1986 First newletter on Deaf Issue "Voices of Deaf" published.    First Newsletter Bahria ko Awaj "Voice of Deaf" of Sign Language was published by Kathmandu association of the Deaf . 
1988 First Sign Language Dictionary published    The association of the hearing impaired published the first NSL book. 
1990 Resoruces classes for deaf children were established by Government of Nepal.    
1994 First Dictionary on Nepal Sign Language Published (Part 1, 2 and 3)   Deaf Association published the part 1, 2 and 3 sign language Dictionary. 
1995 8 local deaf associations jointly established National Federation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NFDH) and later changed to National federation of the Deaf Nepal (NDFN) in 2012.    Kathmandu , Lumbini, Koshi, Gandaki ............
1996 NDFN is affiliated with WFD   NDFN became national member organisation of the World Federation of the Deaf. 
1997  News in Nepali Sign Language was started to broadcast from Nepal Television once a week on every Saturday.    on 01 Feb, 1997 NTV formally strated sign Language News. 
1998 10th WFD RS A/P meeting was held in Kathmandu and UN decade on Disabiity was widely celebrated.    NDFN organised 10th WFD RS A/P meeting and observed the UN decaded on Disability. WFD president Lisa Koupinken Visited Nepal for the first time. 
2003 All the different parts of NSL Dictionary was unifed and NSL dictionary was published   By the support of British Embassy Part 1,2  and 3 was unified and NSL dictionary was published. 
2003 NDFN representative became board member of WFD RS A/P   Mr. Raghav Bir Joshi Became member of the WFD RS A/P board member from 16th WFD  congress and meeting of WFD RS A/P held in Montreal, Canada in 2003. He serve for 4 years and later Rajendra Prasad Sharma became member in 2007.
2006 Deaf Children formally attended School leaving Certificate examination.   Srijana Deaf School, Pokhara got approval to run secondary school, in 2006, deaf students from deaf school formally participated in the S.L.C. examination. 
2007 NDFN representative became the board member of WFD    By then President of NDFN Mr. Bikash Dangol elected as  board member of WFD from the 17th World Congress of WFD held in Spain in 2007. Later by then President Mr. Ramesh Lal shrestha elected as member of the WFD from 18th World congress held in South Africa
2008 20th WFD RS A/P meeting held in Pokhara, Nepal    NDFN orgnised 10th WFD Regional Secreterait meeting in Kathmandu. WFD president Markhu Yokinen visited Nepal for first time for this ocassion. 
2008 Deaf persons became Member of the Constituent Assembly and parilament.    Mr. Raghav Bir Joshi Became member of the parliament and consituent assembly. He served in the parliament for 5 years tenure and was instrumental on on ratification of the CRPD in 2009. w
2011 Deaf women elected as president of the NDFN    Mrs. Kalpana bajracharya became the first Deaf Women to become President of NDFN. She was elected president from 6th General Convention held in Bhaktapur. 
2014 Suprime court verdict on providing Driving license to Deaf    After long advocacy work, NDFN finally decided to file a petition against Government of Nepal on discriminatory driviing license act on 201.... after ..years the surpreme court verdicted to provide driving license to the deaf citizens by making appropraite amendments is act but again it make such amendments. 
2016 101th Baord meeting of the WFD was held in Kathmandu    The WFD baord meeting was held in Kathmandu by the local management of the NDFN. 
2016 Mobile Application on NSL was developed .    Mobile Application on Sign Language was developed with 200+ basic signs videos.
2016 Sign Language News broadcasted every day live at 6 pm from Avenues Television.    News on Sign Language was broadcasted n daily basis from @venues T.V. from 8th Oct, 2016
2017 Sign Language word list of Jumli sign language was published.    Jumli Sign Language word list was published (author : Devendra Timilisina)
2017 Advanced Level Sign Language Dictionary and Mobile Appd published including 4700 signs developed so far   Advanced Level Sign Langauge Dictionary and Mobile Apps based on Hand shape was developed and published in support of Australian Embassy in 2017